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Hi! I’m Erin.

I help bloggers develop the knowledge and skills to LAUNCH, GROW, SCALE and MONETIZE their lifestyle and brand blogs.


Girl! I see you.

I know you have that voice in your head wondering how you get to be a full-time blogger, with hundreds of thousands of page views a month, amazing brand partnerships and even (gasp!) media appearances.

Or maybe you run a business and you just want to understand HOW other businesses are creating content that is driving traffic and customers through the doors.

I know you’re sick of chasing the likes and follows. And I know it’s SUPER HARD to stop the comparison game and the constant scrolling, swiping and tapping to like.

I know you’ve been secretly listening to Rachel Hollis and Brene Brown telling you to lean into fear. They are telling you that because following your fear will always lead to greatness.

Here’s the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. You TOTALLY can build a blog business of your own ON YOUR OWN TERMS. You just need a guide… and you need to focus on growing what you OWN. (You know, the stuff you can actually control…not the stuff that’s at the whim of some algorithm).

And here I am, offering to be that guide! I’ve literally chronicled my own journey to success and now, I’ve got all sorts of different ways for you to hop on board and FIND YOUR OWN STAR LIGHT.


You’re not ‘just a blogger’. You want:

  • regular passive income to grow your wealth & abundance

  • to work with incredible brands and sponsors that align with your values

  • to be free to blog about content that feeds your soul and your wallet

  • to stop chasing likes and follows, day in and day out

  • to eventually quit the grind and go ALL IN with your BLOG BUSINESS

Instead of scraping the web for more ‘free webinars’ that are really just upsells, piecing together hearsay knowledge from Facebook acquaintances, I’m going to help you turn that Blog you Own and Love into something that WORKS for YOU.

I used to be caught in the ‘head down, hustle’ blog mode. (I hated it. And I felt like I’d NEVER catch up). I know what it’s like to ignore that feeling in your chest whisper-screaming

“I’m meant for more”…



Ready to LAUNCH a lifestyle blog or brand that is set up for success from the beginning? There’s a session for that!

Once you’re up and running, we focus on GROWTH. From tackling your page view strategy to working through your workflow and biz process, we will identify your hurdles and LEAP over them.

These sessions are EFFECTIVE AF at getting you laser focused on what you need to do to get your blog business out of neutral and into a growth pattern.

Perfect for personal and lifestyle blogs and businesses looking to understand how to leverage their website to DO MORE with LESS.



You know you should do all the things, but you don’t - you need accountability, girl. And I have your back. I have sessions designed to help you identify where you can and should SCALE your blog business to take it to the next level.

We’ll talk strategy, competitive advantage, MONETIZING and diversifying your traffic and revenue streams.

My coaching clients get ALL OF ME and the SECRET SAUCE to blasting through the blocks that are holding them back from bringing their blog business into reality.


No matter where you are in your blogging journey, I can and want to help!

  • Need to figure out what platform to blog on? Got you covered. I have extensive experience building and maintaining both sites and Squarespace sites. Let’s LAUNCH you like the STAR you ARE!!

  • Already have killer content but can’t seem to break through the 10,000 or even the 50,000 page view per month mark? I hear ya, babe. Let’s dive into where things are missing the mark and set you up with a STRATEGY to reach those new heights. No more rabbit chasing m’kay? Your time and energy is toooooo valuable!

  • Need to figure out how to plan your content so you aren’t ALWAYS writing, taking photos, doing All the Things? My Process Mapping is just what you need. I will help you build out a plan that will save you time AND optimize your content to get it in front of the RIGHT PEOPLE. Watch out, spreadsheets ahead But also bubble baths during the time you’ll save not feeling like you need 8 pairs of hands just to blog.

  • Have no sweet clue how to monetize your blog? From sponsors to partnerships, gifted products, to media appearances, I can coach you on exactly how to find the sweet spot to sell yourself and your blog to your DREAM CLIENTS.



Blog to Business

“Erin helped me take my blog to a business and shared so much insight with me! She truly changed the way I view my business now and helped me overcome struggles with old beliefs and my value. I had no idea my own potential and the potential that's out there. Thank you, Erin!”

-Jamie, client (2019)

New Vision

Erin's insight and understanding of the constantly-shuffling influencer landscape is impeccable. She is a smart, driven, savvy business leader with powerful communication skills. Her enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise allowed me to focus my business goals and pursue opportunities I wouldn't have considered otherwise. She helped me base my decisions on knowledge and gain confidence through this process.

- Jenna, client (2018)

Now, it’s YOUR TURN.

Imagine yourself when you:

  • start seeing steady page view increases that stick around

  • start feeling comfortable investing in the growth of your blog business

  • free up time by knowing when you’re ready to hire a VA (can you imagine!!)

  • nail down the strategies that work for you within the time you have to create FOCUSED GROWTH

  • unblock the limiting beliefs holding you back from stepping into the Blog Business owner you WANT TO BE

Let’s take the steps to create that reality.