Hi! I’m Erin.

Three years ago, I quit the corporate grind and took my lifestyle blogging career FULL TIME.

I know the ins and outs, the ups and downs and The Blog Girl Chronicles is where I give you access to ALL my INSIDER KNOWLEDGE.

I’m also a Coach, Consultant and Mentor to Bloggers and Brands who want to and CAN replicate my success. If you’re here, it’s because the Universe allowed us to cross paths. Lean in, friend. Great things happen when you do!

My Story

My story, like many is a convoluted and winding path. I grew up in downtown Toronto to young professional parents. I was always an ‘outspoken’ child as they say. The truth is, I think I always had something to say and was never too shy to stand up and say so. There’s a story my Nana tells about the time I was two years-old at the grocery store and I was telling off all the other customers for squeezing the melons too hard.

I mean, ya, I was that kid. Precocious. Outspoken. And creative.

My mother used to tell me that I could do two things really well: fill dead air and argue my way out of a paper bag.

So as luck would have it, by the age of 14, I found myself working in newsrooms. At the time, in the late 90s, being a journalist was really the only option for someone who had a flair for performance and an unrelenting penchant for the truth well told.

No one in my life worked in ‘marketing’ and I often wonder if I would have chosen a different path if I’d been exposed to it as a career choice sooner. But c’est la vie. Elle est belle. (Oh ya, I speak French).

Fast forward through the incredibly awkward and angsty teen years and I became a student at the University of Toronto, graduating with Special Honours in Political Science and Bioethics (basically the practical arm of Philosophy). I thought I wanted to be a lawyer (see: argues her way out of a paper bag). But I tuned in. (Drank bourbon). And chose a different path. I ended up in the halls of the newly formed FIMS (Faculty of Information and Media Studies) at Western University as a Graduate Student.

Sixteen months later, I graduated at the top of my class with a specialty in radio broadcast (see: fills dead air), a Master of Arts, Journalism and a giant five-figure student loan to pay back.

All I knew how to do was tell stories. Spot them. Pull them out of people. Weave them together with words, sounds, emotions; produce them and put them into the world. I was also DAMN good at radio. Audio and voice is a medium I’ve always loved. It’s like a perfect blend of good writing and emotion for me. So the fact that I get to have a podcast now is like cherries on top of the pie of life.

The internet was around then, but Facebook wasn’t a thing yet. I’m not sure if Twitter was a thing. But I do know that one of my last graduate level projects was building a website on Dreamweaver - did I just date myself? Ya. So it was the wild west of Interwebs back then. And NO ONE was considering what the internet was going to do for journalism, let alone the average person who wanted to dip their toe in as a brand.

I took a job as the Morning Show Host at a start-up radio station in a small city in Northern Ontario. I mean, why not? Crushing student loans, minimum wage job with crappy hours - seems like the best choice right?


As Neil Young says, there is a town in North Ontario - all my changes were there.

Doing that job taught me that personality matters. That people are attracted to other people not because of who they are, but because of how they SHOW UP in the world. Even if I was having a crappy day internally, if I showed up as ‘radio Erin’ every day, I got praise, my brand grew. In the two years I lived there, I don’t think I once paid for a coffee or a drink because people always wanted to pay for me. It didn’t hurt that we skyrocketed that station to Number One in less than six months, and my face was on billboards, but you know.

The point is, I learned the value of personal currency. And I soon realized that if I was going to leverage it fully, I had to stop selling it to a company that only wanted to pay me minimum wage. I had to OWN my own PERSON.

I’ll spare you the rest of the here and there, but I left that town with a suitcase full of National Awards for my work in radio and three job offers that landed me on the East Coast of Canada. It was here that I met my husband, fell in love, dug myself out of that crippling debt… and STARTED MY BLOG.

Jen + Erin Branding Shoot-0017.jpg

I sometimes think of my life as Before Blog and After Blog and it makes me laugh.

I can’t remember myself Before Blog very well. And what I do remember of that version of me? She was relentless, but pursuing false idols (like pay cheques, men and money) and she was a bit sad all the time. And she didn’t even have Instagram to depress her on a regular basis.

Now you are encountering the full After Blog version of me - and let me tell you, this is the BEST version of ME yet. (toots own horn).

In the last seven years, I left radio to be a television anchor. I left television to become a strategic advisor at a technology start-up (whoa, that was a wild ride!) and I grew my blog 100% year over year and it’s still going up, up, up.

My blog was growing at such a crazy clip that I decided to jump in feet first on my daughter’s first birthday. I’m not going to lie, I’ve looked back a few times. I’ve often thought about the safety and security of a ‘real job’ - but nothing has felt right to me since I took that leap. I’m now in the business of OWNING my PERSON.

And BEING my OWN PERSON and running my blog has been more financially rewarding for my family than ANY OTHER JOB I’VE EVER HAD.

I’ve worked with brands from across North America and leverage my unique on-air skills to act a media ambassador for brands I adore and love.

I am accredited in Google Analytics and Google Sales.

I spend hours a week devoted to just learning how to be a better digital business owner and blogger. I’m literally obsessed with all of it.

From the time my daughter was born in late 2016 to now, I’ve worked as a business and brand development negotiator for two of the top influencer management firms in the country (one of which, Storyhouse Co. I co-founded).

I have successfully run a full-day virtual conference aimed at getting bloggers out of their mindset ruts and into profitability. I have also been the host of in-depth, masterclasses that teach lifestyle bloggers how to truly articulate their value, and carve out a path for themselves that is profitable, sustainable and FUN.

I can talk about building a blog strategically until I’m blue in the face (see: fills dead air).

I can also make any case you want for why investing time and energy to grow my blog was the best decision I ever made (see: argues her way out of a paper bag).

Now, I spend my days helping others DO WHAT I DID. Because if you’ve read this far, you’ll see that if it’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you.

If I’m being totally honest, it took me forever to launch The Blog Girl Chronicles because I was afraid that it wasn’t valuable. It took a lot of soul searching and discovery for me to realize that the experience and perspective I have is second to none when it comes to branding yourself, developing skills, spotting opportunities and literally creating growth out of nothing.

All the programming I’ve designed is inspired by the actual questions and challenges I’ve faced throughout my journey. The questions that took me YEARS to answer on my own - from technical know-how, to just understanding the most efficient ways to use my time to grow my blog business.

Now that you know a little more about me, I truly hope you’ll see that your story can be my story and vice versa. I can’t wait to learn more about you!

Reach out to me at or visit my Services page to get started with your personalized blog boost program today.