How to Batch your Blog Writing to Save Time

Three Methods for Batching your Blog Writing

"How much time will growing this blog take?!" <<< I hear that question A LOT. And the secret is to embrace your INNER BATCH. ;)

Batching is how I grew my blog and how I'm currently managing my entire digital media business.

Everyone's understanding of batching content is different, and mine has certainly evolved over time, but there are a few key factors to successfully batching that will a) save you buckets of time when you're blogging and b) help you have a sense of how much energy it will take to get your blog to where you want to go.

Ready? Let's Batch!

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Method One: Batch Like Tasks

Full truth, I tried this method and it worked for me to a point, but then my inner creative kicked in and I couldn't follow through with this. Batching like-tasks means you sit down and just do one thing until it's finished. This could look like:

  • Take two straight hours to schedule all your Facebook posts for the month

  • Using an hour to search for brand contacts

  • Using all your coffee breaks for a week to fill your Tailwind queue

  • Editing a bunch of photos all in one go

  • Writing four draft posts in one sitting

You get the idea right?

This method of batching blog tasks works incredibly well for some people and if you like to just 'gitter dun' then this method might be for you.

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Method Two: Solitary Focus

Hmmm....this one sounds like a punishment LOL I promise it's not. This is a form of batching where you commit to a certain goal in a certain amount of time. For example, one January (when it was cold and stormy and windy every day all day), I committed to writing one blog post per day. One per day. I didn't end the day until I'd completed at least one post.

Then the following month? I didn't write a single post. Instead, I spent the following month promoting the bucket of posts I'd written the month before. I guess what this is really about is speaking to your natural inclinations. If you're feeling particularly creative one month and want to set a lofty challenge - go for it. It can really pay off.

Method Three: Batching Days and Niching Down

When my blog grew to a size where it was a full-blown business that required me to schedule calls with clients, video and photo shoots as well as time to create and promote content, the above content batching methods no longer worked for me. It was nearly impossible for me to find a block of time long enough to just do Facebook, for example.

If you're blogging and you're home with kids, you know the feeling. You're working around nap times and snack times and play dates and maybe even a job.

So batching your days might be the answer for you. Here's what that looks like:

If you have time set aside each day (it doesn't matter how much time! Anything longer than 20 minutes will do!)

  • Monday - Operations: spend your time making sure your blog is technically sound and up and running; update your plugins; check links; answer your emails

  • Tuesday - Pitching and Sponsors: spend your time researching sponsors, pulling content for your media kit; editing your head shots

  • Wednesday - Writing: spend your time writing for your blog! This could also include uploading photos and Pin graphics for your posts

  • Thursday - Growth and Promotions: spend your time promoting your blog

  • Friday - Community: reach out to others in your niche, build your community, go to a networking event and tell someone about your blog!

You quickly see that the method of batching days can be useful to anyone with any amount of time! The point is to focus your energy on tasks that are strategic and will help you move the needle forward.

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