5 Reasons to use Bluehost when you're starting your Blog

Seeing as The Blog Girl Chronicles is a combination of beginner technical blogging advice, blog strategy and a monetization mindset, I figured it was high time I started to open up about all the various products and support systems I’ve used over the years.

Today, I’ll share my experiences using Bluehost for my blog. (affiliate)

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Okay, now we can proceed to chat about why I think BlueHost is the best place to start :)

Backing up - if you are unclear about whether you need a host for your blog, you should read this post about the differences between Wordpress and Squarespace. (hint: Squarespace comes with built-in hosting and you don’t need to look any further!) Choosing a good web host is one of the first steps to Launching your Wordpress Blog.

Backing up a touch more and I will say I have BUCKETS of experience with web hosts. As I built my lifestyle blog from a hobby to one that is the basis for my full-time salary, I have had to migrate hosts quite a few times.

Migrating hosts is totally a normal experience when you’re growing your blog. While you don’t want to be doing it often, as your blog grows you will need to ‘move house’ and that’s okay.

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When I work with my clients on Launching their Lifestyle Blogs, I often recommend they use Bluehost to start. It’s where I started when I first launched my own blog and it served me well until I outgrew it as a service.

Five Things I like about Bluehost

The Price

Listen, when you’re first starting out you don’t want to spend too much money on tech. (I’m a firm believer in investing as little as possible in tools and investing as much as possible in education. That’s why I have this post outlining the Nine Signs you might be ready for a Blog Coach.)

Bluehost will get you up and running with a self-hosted Wordpress site for as little as $5 USD/month. That presumes that you buy 12 months at a time.

Five Reasons to Start your Blog on Bluehost - comparing the price and the service and other Wordpress hosting companies for Wordpress blogs. #wordpress #blogging #bloggingtips

The growth potential

As you grow your blog, the first place you want to get to is a solid 2000-5000 page views per month. That will give you some really great data upon which to plan your next growth strategy. Bluehost will almost certainly get you there without many hiccups.

But if you do find it’s not hosting your blog fast enough, they can bump you to a cloud server for a bit more of a monthly fee.

24-hour support

While I never had to use their phone support, Bluehost does have 24 hour chat support that is fairly quick to access. I always say that you should be looking for a host that boasts about its customer care.

30-day money back guarantee

Not only is Bluehost the least expensive hosting you will get for your lifestyle blog, but it also has a 30-day money back guarantee. You can also register your domain with Bluehost for free for the first year (which will save you another $20 or so) and they offer SSL certificates with all their hosting plans.*

*I will say this is quite standard across the industry now. If you are with a host that is charging you for SSL security certificate, you should demand better.

What is an SSL certificate?

You don’t really need to understand it technically, but it’s the bit of code that flips your web address from http:// to https:// and sends a signal to search engines that data on your site is encrypted in a certain way, thus meaning your site is reliable and safe. You need it. Make sure you have it.

Types of Hosting

Bluehost technically has three types of hosting services available. Shared, VPS and dedicated. To get the cheapest price you will be the shared hosting plan. What does that mean?

Let’s use an analogy. Pretend the host is a balloon full of air. And that shared host is serving 30 blogs, one of which is yours. Each of the 30 will be drawing air from the balloon at the same time and hopefully at roughly the same rate. Bluehost will be servicing the ‘balloon’ to make sure it always stays inflated. The challenge arises if one of the blogs on the shared server starts to draw too much air and Bluehost can’t keep up.

When this happens you run the risk of downtime and your blog being offline.

My advice? If you have a web host that has allowed your blog to be offline more than three times in a three month period, it’s time to look for a new host.

After I was on Bluehost, I moved to Siteground and from there I moved onto BigScoots.

The point is that Bluehost is a fabulous place for a beginner blogger to start. It’s cost effective, uncomplicated and will get you up and running.

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