How to Write a Great About Page

Your about page is the second most important page on your blog.

Gasp! There, I said it. This might be a controversial opinion, but if you are anywhere in the lifestyle niche, this rings true. Your About Page is second in importance only to your home page and directly behind your Contact Page.

Spending time to craft a strategic and considered About Page will pay dividends for you as you grow your blog.

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Five steps to an amazing about page for your blog

Make it Visible

Don’t bury your About Page on your sidebar or footer. Pull it up to the top navigation of your site. Give it prominence and importance in your content.

Side bar placement is okay as a secondary option for your About Page, but consider that if a reader is on a mobile device, most sidebars get dropped to the bottom of the content stack. This means, that the majority of readers won’t scroll far enough to ever get there or see it.

If you want to keep your About Page in your footer, that’s okay. But don’t have that be the ONLY place it lives. About sections in Footers work well for service or product based websites and blogs.

Avoid the fluff

I’m going to say something harsh - no one cares that ‘you are a lifestyle blogger who loves coffee and long walks at sunset’. Almost everyone on Earth loves those things. The About Page is your opportunity to cut through and show your readers that you are someone they want to know, like and trust. You need to give them specifics about what makes you you and what unique qualities and experiences you have that aligns with them.

In many respects, the About section needs to reflect back at the reader what they expect to see and what they want from a trusted friend and resource. Telling them you have three kids and like coffee is okay - but that’s not what forms a lasting relationship, no what I mean?

Invite them further in

Use a call to action. People who land on your About Page want to know more about you and have shown a huge display of interest in you and what you’re blogging about. Take the opportunity to ask them to do something for you like follow, share or connect in some other way.

Create social proof

If you write about knitting and your About Page talks all about how much you love knitting, you should probably have links to additional content proving that a) you really do knit and b) you like to talk about knitting.

My point is that your About Page needs to include some proof that you are what you say you are! If you say you’re an Olympic athlete, well, you should probably have a link to a post about how you trained in shot put and then maybe a photo of you at the competition. Take this chance to deepen the TRUST with your audience by showing them that you can back up what you say about you.

A photo of your face

Sometimes bloggers don’t like to show their faces. That’s okay - except for when it’s your about page. If this is the only place you show your face, make it so. Brands, sponsors, clients and readers all want to have some vision of the person they are interacting with. So show your face!


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