Launch. Grow. Scale. Monetize.


Chances are you are in one of those four phases and the great news is, I can help you with ALL OF THEM.

Before we do this, I want to make sure that we’re clear on ONE THING - that you know that no matter where you are standing, I’ve been there and I see you. (Read my About Me section if you haven’t already).

Okay- TWO things.

I am not just some ‘course seller’ or ‘one-stop solution’.

My goal as your coach and mentor is to lift you up with knowledge and expertise, to help you find the science in the art and the art in the science. I don’t just want to drop a PDF in your inbox and walk away and be all Bye Felicia, cuz as easy as that would be for me - that’s just not how I roll.

(Though if you want my 10-Step Page View Booster Plan you can get it here!)

The best thing to do is to Book a Free 15-Minute Consultation with Moi, so we can figure out what will work best for you right now.


Launch, Launch Baby Pro

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Have you always wanted to have a blog? But you’re overwhelmed by:

  1. what to blog about

  2. all the technical hurdles and

  3. how to get people to pay attention to your blog and actually READ it?

Oooooor maybe you’ve been blogging on Instagram for years and have a deep fear that one day the platform will POOF disappear? You need to launch something YOU OWN.

Those are the most common ‘challenges’ I hear. So, no more excuses!

This program is a three-month commitment where we work together to get your dream blog up and running.

What does that look like? It can take many forms depending on the key it factor (hint: that’s you!!) but in general we:

  • Assess what niche you want to be in and figure out who your target audience will be (hint: It’s not always your IG audience!)

  • Work to decide which platform you should be blogging on (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Blogger etc.) and we’ll go through the steps of setting it up so you actually understand what all the buttons and levers do.

  • Build out your first 60-day content calendar and strategy

  • Set you up with tracking software so you are able to see your growth in real-time and interpret your analytics like a ‘real’ blogger

  • I’ll recommend tailored apps and plug-ins that will help you boost your page views organically and help you achieve whatever goals you have for your blog-based business

  • We’ll work through the anatomy of a great blog post so that you know every post you write is going to be A++

This program will consist of our first 15-minute consultation (which you can Book Below) and we will have three (3) 45-minute monthly Zoom meetings and weekly email check-ins from me.


Page View Booster Juice

Page View Boosters are designed to get deep with your content and metrics from a user and search perspective. This session is ideal if you’ve been blogging for longer than six months and feel like any of the following:

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  • You’re burned out

  • You’re ready to give up

  • You can’t understand how other people are seemingly making more money than you

  • You have hit a page view plateau and you have no idea why

  • You cringe when you think about ‘data’

Think of this as a Vitamin B injection for your blog. An experienced eye to take a real hard look at what you’ve built and where there is secret sauce to uncover.

I will help you figure out what the numbers are telling you, where to focus your growth potential and I will catch any red flags in terms of things that could be impacting your readers’ experiences with your blog - no matter where you are in your journey.

We can do this via two (2) 45-minute virtual sessions spread out over a month. You’ll walk away with a clear plan of attack for getting out of your page view rut. This is literally like chugging an energy drink, but for your blog.


Scale and Make Dat Cash

Cruising along at a cool altitude of 10,000 page views or more and ready to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH?

Let’s get you rollin’ in dough! These sessions are designed to help you blast through the ‘free product’ ceiling and start making money off your blog and your influence.

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Together we will:

  • identify what you can offer to brands and sponsors that no one else can

  • we’ll confirm what you should be charging brands and sponsors

  • we’ll talk through how to negotiate to get what you deserve

  • we’ll work through developing your own (not cookie cutter) media kit

  • set up systems to get you earning more passive income from ad revenue and other sources

  • go over the tactics you can use to reach out and pitch brands (!!)

We can do this over the course of one month and it consists of your initial 15-minute consult, two (2) 60-minute Zoom sessions and weekly email check-ins.


Small or Medium Brand Boot Camp

We all know that the brand that gets found is the brand that sticks around. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep your brand relevant, top of mind and discoverable.

Let’s examine how we can get you some organic, earned traffic to your site. Not only that but we’ll dig into strategies to make sure your brand personality rings true with every piece of content you promote.

These sessions can include:

  • Launching a brand blog or assessing and optimizing your current blog

  • Strategic Insights on using branded content and influencers to grow your brand awareness

  • Website audit and user experience report

  • How to use your blog to strategically grow your social media presence and make sales

I will walk you through the steps to creating a blog for your business, tailor a blogging strategy just for you and help you map a content strategy that will grow your brand presence organically and naturally.

I do these sessions either virtually, in-person, or in a group session for small business owners.

Interested in a brand or business session? Book a call here to see if I’m a fit for you!